Workplace Welbeing

promote better employee engagement and performance

Promoting well-being helps to prevent stress and creates a positive working environment where individuals and organisations can thrive. Good health and well-being promote better employee engagement and performance. Investing in the well-being of your employees has a drastic effect on your organisation. It has been shown to reduce sickness absence, increase resilience and lead to higher performing employees and increased productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rise in the people struggling with their mental health. Working from home helps regarding reducing the risk of infection but it also causes problems with a lack of connectiveness, feeling isolated and lonely. There are also the additional worries about reduced income or loss of their jobs altogether. My workplace workshops/courses help to provide a solution, teaching tools and techniques that help to empower people to take back control, to deal with worries and fears, to become connected and build resilience. I use coaching, NLP, CBT, and mindfulness to provide workshops that are tailored to your business and your people. The workshops/courses can be via zoom or face to face, dependant upon Covid-19 restrictions.