Confidence & Self-Belief

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Increase Confidence and self-belief with the help of hypnotherapy techniques in Stoke-on-Trent

Feeling Confident and Believing in Yourself
When you are born you don’t judge yourself, you don’t know that you can or can’t do something, or that you are beautiful or ugly. You haven’t decided what is or isn’t possible or if something is dangerous or safe. these are learned behaviours, things we pick up from people and the culture we are surrounded by, our parents, friends, enemies, teachers, TV, We learn to judge, fear and be limited by what we have experienced in our life and what we believe to be true.
If you are a great singer but despite others telling you how good you are, you don’t believe it subconsciously, then this will affect what you hear and see and your emotional reaction. You won’t see or hear the person cheering or praising you, you will only see the person who doesn’t like it and just hear the negative feedback. You may tense up or forget the words, you will then feel worse and it only confirms what you already thought and then you avoid singing altogether.

HOW Can hypnotherapy help you

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) works at the subconscious level and helps release self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and to install positive suggestions to change your thought patterns and actions. You can unlearn these automatic negatives beliefs and eliminate them from your thoughts. During hypnotherapy you are in a relaxed state and you can access your subconscious to discover the root cause of the negative beliefs that are affecting you, release them and add new beneficial thinking to your subconscious.

We also use visualisation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help your subconscious to practice being in the situation that worries you but seeing yourself dealing with whatever you are facing in a positive way, hearing praise, feeling confident and in control. This can be used for stage nerves, exams, a meeting with your boss, improving your sports ability, meeting new people and many other situations.

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