Hypno-Oncology Relaxed, Empowered, More In Control of your pain and anxiety. Effective techniques in Stoke-On-Trent

The therapy is intended to relieve the symptoms of cancer or the side-effects of the treatment prescribed by your consultant. The therapy is not a treatment or a remedy for the cancer itself. ​ The therapy is not a substitute for the treatments provided by a hospital or for the course of treatment recommended for you by your medical practitioners. The therapy is designed to be used in conjunction with conventional treatments

Cancer Research UK website states the following:

In 2012, researchers in Spain reviewed studies of children with cancer and found that hypnosis appeared to help reduce pain and distress from cancer or from medical procedures.

A US study in 2007 gave hypnotherapy to a group of women before they had breast surgery. The researchers found that hypnotherapy lowered the amount of pain, sickness, tiredness and upset that the women had afterwards.

Another US study in 2006 found that hypnotherapy helped to lower anxiety and pain during a biopsy for suspected breast cancer.

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